Looking for an extra edge?  Have a browse through some of the information and apps that will help get you the information you need a bit quicker!



Use Fit4Filter to find Rexroth replacements fast for old filter elements. Get technical info, global order support from Rexroth filter contacts in your country. In addition you can call Rexroth straight from the App or send us an email and we’ll get in touch with you.


Reading Product Name Plates

Looking to figure out what part number, or model number you are after on your unit?  Most of the information that you are looking for is contained on the Name Plate, this can be found fastened to your pump, motor valve or other component.  


1. Manufacture Material Number

2. Material Designation

3. Material Number

4. Serial Number


M4 Configurator

It helps to efficiently utilize the flexibility and versatility of the valve right from the design and engineering phase for new machines. This user-friendly and intuitive program asks systematic questions about the specific requirements for the system. It then assembles the corresponding control block from individual components. Technical data sheets, parts lists, schematics, and both 2D and 3D information are instantly available and speed up the development process for the machine.