Why choose Norcan Fluid Power?


Norcan’s experienced service managers and technicians are able to troubleshoot and provide alternate solutions to customers machine or process needs.

Our shops are equipped with full testing/machining and welding capabilities to supplement our full repair capability and assure our customers a quick turn around. Our service bays allow Norcan to accommodate all sizes of equipment.

Valve Build Center:

The Leduc facility implemented in late 2014 a dedicated hydraulic valve build center to minimize the lead time and delivery to customers on new valves. The build center is equipped to handle multi section valves including the Bosch M4 and other manufactures.

Contact the nearest branch location to service your specific valve requirements.

Our shop co-coordinators will assure customers are provided proper documentation from the quoting process to the final invoice.

Our people are dedicated to keeping our customers informed of their repair from the time it enters our shops.


Norcan’s experienced sales staff provides solutions to problems for all types of industries whether mobile or industrial. Our inside sales staff’s experience is capable of meeting the changing demands of supply backed by inventory at each branch.

Engineering & Design

Norcan’s experienced engineering group are able to provide hydraulic schematics and layout drawings to full system design, including custom control programming using the Bosch Rexroth range of components. Full system integration can be provided by Norcan.


Norcan’s experienced shop and engineering staff work close together to fabricate custom power units and control panels. Norcan offers turn-key hydraulic systems based on the customers requirements.


Norcan’s experienced sales, shop and engineering staff offers contamination solutions and equipment to monitor and maintain ISO cleanliness levels in your plant or equipment hydraulic systems and on-site field service is offered from all locations.

Norcan provides particle count analysis whether the customer requires their own unit or whether they want Norcan to provide this service for them. Our filter carts can be rented or bought to help our customers with their maintenance needs, and flushing services are provided or flushing units are available for rent.